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We transform strategic insights into focused product concepts by challenging current thinking, exploring innovation possibilities, and visualizing potential solutions. Our goal is helping clients clearly see and choose the path that best expresses their vision.

Payments: we take secure debit and credit card payments at no additional cost to our customers. Insured: we are fully insured for up to 5 million public liability. wallpaper uk

For a smooth, superior, pristine finish every time
Spray Painting
An airless mechanism basically splits up liquid into small droplets and this process of atomisation is achieved by pushing fluid through a small nozzle called a spray tip. Because the paint is pumped through the spray tip under high pressure, there is enough energy to break up the surface tension bonding the liquid together. The paint leaves the spray gun in a high speed stream, but becomes fragmented into tiny droplets as soon as it comes into contact with the air. Many customers are not aware of the benefits of using spray technology over traditional paint brush or roller methods of application. Conventional painting techniques don’t always provide a smooth finish. Where circumstances admit we carry out airless spray painting methods, and subsequently all masking procedures as required prior to painting and it yields great results providing a consistent coating and smooth finish to the surfaces with a high-quality finish. wallpaper uk
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wallpaper uk
Specializing in all types of wall coverings and murals
Wall Coverings
Quality workmanship, reliably, excellent customer service and above all, attention to detail. Every step of the wallcovering and associated decorating process we take seriously, from our preparation to the final quality checks. Visit our Facebook page for inspiration or check out our Gallery for recent work done.
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Free service
Colour matching
For all our clients we offer a free colour matching service. Our colour sensor finder can scan your desired colour, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a flower, a piece of clothing or even a magazine to identify the actual colour you desire. At the same time you can see you rooms decorated in your newly discovered colour so you can visualize the outcome.

Getting your colour right every time! wallpaper uk

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Dustless sanding using the latest technology by Mirka
Dustless Sanding
Sanding is an essential element in preparation for ceilings, walls, and woodwork. However, it can be very messy with high dust levels if you don’t have the right equipment and knowledge and high dust levels can also cause serious health risks for the homeowner. Enjoying dustless sanding in your home or business as standard. In addition to a cleaner working environment, better work results can be achieved which ultimately leaves a lasting impression on our customers.

Less mess, less stress. Eliminating dust is often very stressful because you need to spend lots of time getting rid of it completely. Not only does dust-free leave your workplace clean, but it also makes sanding stress-free. wallpaper uk

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