Gallery - Recently Completed Projects

Every step of the wallcovering and associated decorating process we take seriously, from our preparation to the final quality checks. Explore some of our recently completed projects below! Also view some new projects on our Facebook page. homebase wallpaper

Gallery - Projects (wallpaper designs by)
Various Types of Wallcoverings

We understand that every project is as unique as you are. We are committed to listening to your needs and offering you solutions that are stress-free and spot-on, from straightforward advice to the best design decor solutions! homebase wallpaper

Colour matching - free service

For all our clients we offer a free colour matching service. Our colour sensor finder can scan your desired colour, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a flower, a piece of clothing or even a magazine to identify the actual colour you desire. At the same time you can see you rooms decorated in your newly discovered colour so you can visualize the outcome.

Getting your colour right every time!

Wall Paper Symbols - What do they mean?

Normally, every piece of wallpaper you purchase will have a set of specifications and properties in the form of a symbol. These symbols give you instructions on how to care for your wallpaper, how to wash it, and the effect light has on it. As it is crucial that you follow a wallpaper’s instructions, we’ve created illustrations below to help you identify and understand what each symbol means before you purchase. homebase wallpaper

homebase wallpaper
homebase wallpaper
homebase wallpaper
homebase wallpaper
homebase wallpaper